Kunal Anand - Now

Hi! I'm Kunal Anand and I'm doing things.

It feels like I've become a modern-day nomad, traipsing around the blue-green sphere we call home. A sweet release after years of self-imposed isolation, cocooned in the same four walls. Jetting from one place to another though, it's hard to shake that primal fear of turbulence — that gut-wrenching, knuckle-whitening dance that the airplane does over the vast and unpredictable oceans.

This airborne life has its perks, however. It's a veritable reading buffet up in the stratosphere. Fourteen books down the hatch already this year, ranging from the delightful antics of Mr. Feynman to the poignant introspections of Murakami's “First Person Singular.” A little time-traveling café action in “Before the Coffee Gets Cold,” and the spacefaring adrenaline of “Delta-V.” The comic books are lined up for their moment in the sun, awaiting my inevitable descent into their illustrated worlds.

In the realm of the digital, I'm flailing like a novice swimmer. My digital footprints are scattered like breadcrumbs — Bear, Craft, Logseq, Notes. It's like trying to corral cats, each with its distinct personality. Thoughts of taking command of my digital persona have been bouncing around my skull. This website, hand-forged in the fires of static generation, is just the beginning. More pages to come, and the inconsequential site will go public, all under version control. It's S3 for now, because who needs the added migraine of server wrangling?

I've dabbled in the deep end of AI too, both as a pro and just for kicks. Transformers, classifiers, you name it. The quality of open-source models, like the ones from Hugging Face, has me awestruck. This AI boom of the past five months will revolutionize how we construct and safeguard our software. Some folks are trembling in their boots, but I'm harboring cautious optimism.

On the tinkering front, I've been dabbling with reinforcement learning algorithms, image classification, and some Bitcoin data visualizations. Nothing too serious, just some fun and games for those long-haul flights or fleeting nighttime lulls.

And oh, the joy of reconnecting with my trusty digital camera. It's like seeing an old friend after years apart. Photographing the world, one frame at a time, is its own kind of therapy. The tools of the trade have improved, and the editing process is becoming an adventure in itself.

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