looks del.icio.us


The looks del.icio.us project is my first attempt to combine graphics design with programming. The concept is to see how users develop and sustain their tagging methodologies on del.icio.us. I'm not a formal art student or have a computer science degree. I'm just curious.


Click on a visualization below for a bigger size.

Visualization - Matt Haughey Visualization - Wilson Miner Visualization - Jeffrey Veen Visualization - Tom Coates Visualization - Merlin Mann Visualization - Jon Hicks


How are these made? I created a layout engine and a really efficient graphics library in python. A few weeks after the initial set, I lost almost all of the code. Computers suck.

Can you make one for me? Not right now, I am really busy with work and research.

Why did you make them? I like computational art; it's therapeutic.


looks del.icio.us is a fun project made by Kunal Anand. Follow me on Twitter (@ka).
Please contact me about using these visualizations.